Further Resources

Practical Action

Free STEM, science, design and technology resources that fit the UK curriculum and engage children in real-world issues including climate change, renewable energy, food security and disaster preparedness.

Peace Education

Peace teaching resources, including lesson materials, teacher training and planning tools, to deliver peace education in your primary or secondary school.

Centre for Alternative Technology

Free online resources, activities and events exploring solutions to the climate and biodiversity emergency. They also welcome school visits offering tours and workshops addressing sustainability across a range of curriculum subjects including Science, Geography, Design and Technology.

World's Largest Lesson

Fun activities and materials for educators promoting the use of the  Sustainable Development Goals in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all. Hundreds of free materials for children aged 4-18.

Light Pollution

Resources for educators to inspire children aged 5-18 to combat light pollution and promote responsible outdoor lighting that is beautiful, healthy, and functional. 

Climate Change with The Climate Coalition

The annual Show the Love campaign is for educators to get kids (aged 8-13) thinking about protecting what they love from climate change. 

Weather and Climate

Support materials for teaching about weather and climate.